Ariana Grande - K Bye For Now (swt live) CD

Ariana Grande - K Bye For Now (swt live) CD

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Ariana Grande - K Bye For Now (swt live) CD

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1. raindrops (an angel cried) (live)
2. god is a woman (live)
3. bad idea (live)
4. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored (live)
5. r.e.m (live)
6. be alright (live)
7. sweetener (live)
8. successful (live)
9. side to side (live) featuring nicki minaj
10. 7 rings (live)
11. love me harder (live)
12. breathin (live)
13. needy (live)
14. fake smile (live)
15. make up (live)
16. break your heart right back (live) featuring childish gambino
17. right there (live) featuring big sean
18. you'll never know (live)
19. nasa (live)
20. tattooed heart (live)
21. only 1 (live)
22. goodnight n go (live)
23. get well soon (live)
24. in my head interlude (live)
25. everytime (live)
26. the light is coming (live) featuring nicki minaj
27. into you (live)
28. my heart belongs to daddy (live)
29. dangerous woman (live)
30. break free (live)
31. no tears left to cry (live)
32. thank u, next (live)